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Dullahan is an action puzzle platformer created for #gbjam.

You are the mythological dark rider Dullahan, a fearsome undead warrior with a detachable head. But now your head's gone missing! Venture through dangerous ruins and deadly castles as you search for your beloved face. Use your head, or lack thereof, to solve clever puzzles and combat menacing demons!

(Note: this is a game jam entry and as such was made in only 10 days. We've done our best to fix and polish up the game post-jam, please enjoy!)

Made by like, a hundred bears, Young Modulus, Cody "BlueThunder" Armstrong, and CJ "Storne" Curtis


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Linux version?


A solid foundation for a game. I enjoyed the puzzles, and I assume they would get more complicated as the game would have progressed further. Can't go wrong with Castlevania gameplay.

One minor complaint is the camera. I find it very jarring when the camera follows the player's every jump so "tightly".


Awesome game. Had a lot of fun playing it. It's a really clever idea and a nice interpretation of the headless horseman tale! I would really love to see more of this game!


This game is amazing, and i can see it as a full fledged game, with more puzzles based on item juggling and positioning, some pickups, etc. I know that the whip was chosen to emulate the original castlevania, but i think another weapon, like a sword or axe would fit the character better. The music is catchy and well paced, and the sound effects are cruncy and satisfying. Overall, it is a great game to spend some minutes on and i could reccomend it to almost anybody i know.

Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is not my main language.


i HAVE to play this. i have never in my life met anyone else who knew what a dullahan was. i love you a bit now. im HYPE to play this, just had to say that first thing before i even try it. 

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Is there more content to warrant the sudden jump to the $10 price tag?

No, sorry. I'm running a reverse sale. The price will be back to PWYW in a couple days.

I had no idea there was such a thing, but yes I ended up looking it up and stuff.


This was a quality piece of work. The art was decent, the music was catchy, and it had all the qualities of an old GameBoy game. Like having a key for a head. Dullahan also has a good thing going for it when it uses a lesser dealt with creature of myth, the dullahan, so that gets points with me. Granted, it feels a little like a Castlevania clone, but...eh. Still good. My only issue is the lack of a proper ending. Though being part of a Jam, I can understand if there were limitations.

Overall, it was a good time and I could easily see it as a full game sometime.


Cool game! I played it till the credits. Nice work! :D

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Great concept, would love to see you guys flesh it out into a full length Vania with upgrades and more enemies. <3


You turned CastleVania into a puzzle game. Its good. I like it. I made it all the way through to see the credits roll.