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A solid foundation for a game. I enjoyed the puzzles, and I assume they would get more complicated as the game would have progressed further. Can't go wrong with Castlevania gameplay.

One minor complaint is the camera. I find it very jarring when the camera follows the player's every jump so "tightly".


Awesome game. Had a lot of fun playing it. It's a really clever idea and a nice interpretation of the headless horseman tale! I would really love to see more of this game!


This game is amazing, and i can see it as a full fledged game, with more puzzles based on item juggling and positioning, some pickups, etc. I know that the whip was chosen to emulate the original castlevania, but i think another weapon, like a sword or axe would fit the character better. The music is catchy and well paced, and the sound effects are cruncy and satisfying. Overall, it is a great game to spend some minutes on and i could reccomend it to almost anybody i know.

Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes, english is not my main language.


i HAVE to play this. i have never in my life met anyone else who knew what a dullahan was. i love you a bit now. im HYPE to play this, just had to say that first thing before i even try it. 

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Is there more content to warrant the sudden jump to the $10 price tag?

No, sorry. I'm running a reverse sale. The price will be back to PWYW in a couple days.

I had no idea there was such a thing, but yes I ended up looking it up and stuff.


This was a quality piece of work. The art was decent, the music was catchy, and it had all the qualities of an old GameBoy game. Like having a key for a head. Dullahan also has a good thing going for it when it uses a lesser dealt with creature of myth, the dullahan, so that gets points with me. Granted, it feels a little like a Castlevania clone, Still good. My only issue is the lack of a proper ending. Though being part of a Jam, I can understand if there were limitations.

Overall, it was a good time and I could easily see it as a full game sometime.


Cool game! I played it till the credits. Nice work! :D

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Great concept, would love to see you guys flesh it out into a full length Vania with upgrades and more enemies. <3


You turned CastleVania into a puzzle game. Its good. I like it. I made it all the way through to see the credits roll.