A downloadable neon death labyrinth for Windows

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void ghosts{} is a high-octane score-chasing arcade shooter. control your strange animal-headed monster and navigate a neon procedural death labyrinth. use all manner of dangerous guns to blast away at the monochromatic aberrations within. get the highest score. be shamed by your defeat. you will not survive.

credits: this game makes use of two songs by sketchylogic on opengameart.org. they're under the CC0 license, but I wanna say thanks anyways for the rad tunes.

this game was made as a school project in a very limited time frame, though I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I hope you are too.

this game will only work on windows. sorry.
there may be some slight issues with the fullscreen option. if it doesn't work well, you can try the bordered version, but I can't make any promises.


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voidghosts{} (borderless zip) 3 MB


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I love the in-game music

nice art, but i came across an area that destroyed any bullets that entered it, which kept me from finishing the level

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This is a pretty good quality game for just a school project! In the future will you ever update the game, making possibly new areas, or new characters or enemies? Seems like a good take on nuclear throne.

Thank you! Unfortunately, I do not have any plans to expand on the game.


I started doing a Twitch series of indie game demos and small projects. This was the first one I featured and it did not disappoint, minimal on content but fun to play regardless! And no I did not tweet my scores.


Its a fun game to play! but I wished it was more varied...


Awesome work! Good Job.

Thank you!


Great art! It turned out really well for a school project!